Understanding the 4C's: CARAT, CLARITY, COLOUR, and CUT are essential to finding the best diamond for the best price.


Refer to the weight of a Diamond, commonly known as the size of a diamond. A carat is a standard unit of measure that define a weight of a diamond.


Is a measure of the number and size of the tiny imperfections that form naturally in each diamonds. Many of these small imperfection influence the price and beauty of each diamonds.


Diamond are graded on the basis of their colour, from white to light yellow. Whiter or colourless diamond are considered the most valuable and desirable.


A well cut diamond have good symmetry, proper depth and width, and have uniformity of the facets. These features will provide maximum brilliance and fire! If diamonds that are cut either too deep or too shallow, the light not bounce back properly, or lights will just pass through. This will give it less brilliances and ultimately of less value.